Did I miss something?

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  1. Been out of things with the flu, decided to look at the market and noticed SPY printed 140's
  2. was basically string of good news. JPM announces double the expected buyback and raises dividend. Then BOFA announced it passed the stress test.

    The fed talked and that made the market bounce very small negligible.
  3. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Like all those banks in Europe when they passed the "stress test". That turned out well.
  4. I don't get the point of all you people that speculate and voice your worthless opinions. All the guy did is ask what happened and I provided facts, no emotion involved
  5. FOMC said all is well. Expect birtherism to come out in full force.
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    Good news this morning and a Greece rating upgrade. Nothing unexpected from Fed. All this confirmed a technical breakout @ SPX 1378 multi-year high.

    Nothing more to it than that.
  7. Up 50 ES points since last week. I wonder how many shorted last tuesday, it was 100% a buyable pullback and if you were short you deserve to lose money and are just trying top-picking.
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    was basicaly strings of go-go chicks

  9. You are a mental defective.
  10. You wish.
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