DId I just nail the fourth higher short term bottom on the S&P yesterday ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by volente_00, Mar 22, 2006.

Did i just nail the fourth higher short term bottom on the S&P yesterday ?

  1. You know it V, see you at 1330!

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  2. you were just lucky on the 3 other calls, we are heading to 1250!

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    Hmmm, could be.
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    You should have a 3rd choice in your poll. That's why you get so few votes. Both choices stink, and are not well thought out.
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    who cares?

    konsistency is king
  6. =============

    Sounds like you got the main probabilities right,Volente.

    And when YHOO called that a ''basic chart''
    they rightly named it
  7. difficult not to be a bull in this mkt, no q 'bout it.
    even the most calloused perma-bears are now showin' first signs of mindset change.


  8. Now for some reason when I try to post from stockcharts it always shows the same dow chart, so I just posted the yahoo one.
  9. Still bouncing off of 1295.

    Still have not closed under 1290.

  10. I too like 1330 on the S&P. Do you think that this will create a long term range between 1290 and 1330? I thought we would hit 1330 before last year was out, but we couldn't push through. Following was when I initially thought we would reach 1330. I also thought we would see oil start dropping back down to $50.00 a barrell. Do you have any opinion on oil especially with Chavez talking about fixed pricing?

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