Did I just catch myself saying "nestal fracted" loop?

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Miss your Chemistry final, tell the teacher your tire blew out.Question 2:Which Tire?

  1. Driver Front

    7 vote(s)
  2. Drive Rear

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  3. Passenger Front

    4 vote(s)
  4. Passenger Rear

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  1. No, seriously. I haven't laughed so hard at myself for my own freudianism that I couldn't help but think it would make a great thread.
  2. Well, smart people. No dumbasses so far. Likely is passenger, that's true, the front or rear is a game we could play 500 times, and only guess as good as a coin flip.

    Game Theory

    AKA: Probabilism
  3. Did you attend a community college?
  4. Buzzed


    It will always be passenger side, because that is what we imagine in our minds. Partly because hollywood always has the passenger side blow out for convenience of shooting tire changing scenes. The camera crew will block traffic when shooting the driver's side. We have been conditioned by culture to imagine the passenger side.
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    I thought movies as well but my thoughts went to scenes where the driver looks out his window to see that his rear tire is flat. What movies, I can't tell you or maybe I just have a faulty memory. :eek:

    Joe. :)
  7. Son, I suckered and won the prisoner's game by being lucky enough to team up with an uncompetitive woman who chose to not cheat the whole time and at step 4, I went from "cooperating" to cheating for the rest of the marks tit for tat on round 10.

    While I "cheated" to screw 33% of my 30 person class, I also gained the respect of a professor that actually saw potential in one of my strategies that had just been recognized publicly with 17,000% NP.

    No, motherfucker, I went to a top 50 school.

  8. lol, brother, Centre College. Top 50 in Kentucky I would believe. http://www.princetonreview.com/schools/college/CollegeBasics.aspx?iid=1022882&uidbadge=
  9. Projecting again? Is that why you post all that shit about yourself, because you feel inadequate? 3 top 10 finishes? What was your poker handle? 48 on Wonderlic? I doubt it from your posts.
  10. Every interaction I've had in the last 2,000 posts I "picture" the setting someone might be bored enough to spend their life communicating on a heavily sponsored site to pay for the server space to store every little line of bullshit that can possibly be said.

    Now, 3 years later, It's all the same crap. Read. Damnit. Know your data, scrub the data, use the data, picture activities you can do with the data after you come up with a strategy and a money management technique to hedge with. Then, once you become a self-described Level X equivalent level ambition financial scientist, there might be a reason to respond to the fact that my college I can tell you and guarantee you would have flunked out. After all, the institution must only take losers, as evidenced by its horrible 85% graduation rate, and level of accomplishment and alumni generosity that is the envy of our most prestigious institutions.

    No, not community college at all. My friends were all mathematical geniuses basically. The good ones could even tell jokes about ironic numerical patterns.

    Make the jump to the calculus of differences when you figure out the two derivative constant to the fibonacci by taking the first two difference.

    Nah, man, I don't think anybody in community college would know what the fuck that means.

    Hey, you know, who do you think I am? I just play pretend money manager?

    You want to know the truth about why I like economics, financial economics, quantitative finance, challenging myself to Level II of the CFA Exam that I plan to study with my Math PhD Stanford Mentor that also failed the exam as a security swaption analyst, creating the theory of economic profit for financial book value growth performance calculations, Capital Management Arbitrage, I get to do it with models and I do it all the time non-stop. If the market is open, I've gone to Cramer Clause money management. Work six days 24/7, vicatin and valium yourself out one day. Relax, then do it with some more models.

    I woke up dreaming about numerical patternism and cross-vector polar calculus of logic squares I've found are a nestal fracted way and super cereal approach to finding a good model.

    Like a g, sorry, too much repressed anger. It may have been a serious question. Who knows? Maybe I took it the wrong way. It happens. Someone says something that insults my intelligence and does it in a passively aggressive way that I've pretty much decided if I even suspect that I'll just start typing and I type god dam fast. 120 wpm now, and seriously calculated my Twilight reading speed at 1,200 words per minute.

    Nah, my models are good trusted friends that sometimes end up as just an ftf (friend that financially) would, once in awhile, lose a little money. It's those real relationships with a $5k a month bad habit of spending $300 to $400 25 days out the year in Christmas that you got to watch it for.

    If she's not like that, then she's a good model, and probably a great theory to keep going on, but all of the models I've ever tried sometimes don't get me my money. It's about that time that the model gets slapped backhanded and forehanded double time that I throw that bitch ass model out the window.
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