Did I expect George Bush to f - - - it up as badly as he did?

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    December 6, 2003 -- Struggling 2004 Democratic wannabe John Kerry fires an X-rated attack at President Bush over Iraq and uses the f-word - highly unusual language for a presidential contender - in a stunning new interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

    Sen. Kerry (Mass.) used the undeleted expletive to express his frustration and anger over how the Iraq issue has hurt him because he voted for the war resolution while Democratic front-runner Howard Dean has soared by opposing it.

    "I voted for what I thought was best for the country. Did I expect Howard Dean to go off to the left and say, 'I'm against everything'? Sure. Did I expect George Bush to f - - - it up as badly as he did? I don't think anybody did," Kerry told the youth-oriented magazine.

    Brookings Institution presidential scholar Stephen Hess said he can't recall another candidate attacking a president with X-rated language in a public interview.

    "It's so unnecessary," Hess said. "In a way it's a kind of pandering [by Kerry] to a group he sees as hip . . . I think John Kerry is going to regret saying this."

    Kerry was accurately quoted in Rolling Stone, said spokesman David Wade, adding the X-rated language reflects the fact that Bush's Iraq policy "makes John Kerry's blood boil."

    Kerry yesterday angrily cited his war record in Vietnam when asked by a New Hampshire student about charges that it's unpatriotic to attack the commander-in-chief, fuming: "I left some blood on a battlefield that President Bush never left anywhere."
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    We do not think Bush could ever f@@k up as badly as the democrats have. It is like watching a travelling road show of comedians.....but it is not funny. Freaks me out to think these baboons want to run the USA.

    What makes you think Bush f@@ked up anyway? I think he is doing a fine job with the mess he has to work with that the idiot democrats left him. And this war on terrorism is not going to be won in a day. This is a worldwide problem. :mad:
  3. What makes me think Bush f@@ked up is that he is so adamant that he didn't.

    Most reasonable people will accept the possibility that they might have f@@ked up, but that they don't believe they have. They allow for the possibility, as it is human nature to f@@k up from time to time.

    Bush acts as if it is impossible that he f@@ked up, and only God could act in a manner that is perfect.

    Also, if you read the autobiographies of former presidents most will admit to having made mistakes of some sort during their administrations. In the areas where they were proven wrong, they will say that they "believed" they were right at the time. So the question is: "If someone sincerely believes they are right, does that mean they can't f@@k up?" Nonsense. Sincere belief is not the criteria of results being a f@@kup or not. Maybe Bush is making mistakes because he is stupid, but still a very honest, and sincere nice guy. He may mean well, but good intentions don't prevent f@@kups.

    To take the position that you cannot possibly be f@@cking up at any point and time is very egocentric and very dangerous in my opinion, as it suggests that you are beyond the possibility of f@@cking up. That is not a reasonable position to take.

    That people are attracted to right wing types who act as if their shit doesn't stink, or that they are right because they are right just shows the stupidity and lack of critical thinking of the followers of such demagogues.
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    Ouch. That is a little nasty. And on the whole not really true IMHO.

    No one is perfect. We have all done things we regret. What commie rag do you get your information out of? New York Times or CNN?

    I am just getting tired of this Bush Bashing. Pisses me off. It is like nothing can make us happy. Bunch of whining crybabies on this board. Would you like cheese with that whine?

    Damn it. This fellow is our president. Show him a little respect. Wave that flag.
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    I can tell a lot of the people who post are not really traders.

    You know how?

    They are not Republicans. Republicans are pro-business. Did you not notice the stock market rose this year? Who did that? A republican president. Mr. Bush.

    I know there are two things one should never discuss. Politics and Religion. Neither side will give in.
  6. People are DYING is that something that make you happy??! I think a little "whining" is in order under the circumstances.

    Nine kids just died, and we're now stringing razor-sharp barbed wire around entire towns.

    We're embroiled in a real mess and GI's are killed damn near every day.

    Oh yeah..

    I think a little "whining" is perfectly acceptable...

  7. I hope it was the Cathy aspect of BobCathy that just wrote what you said, because it is completely illogical and irrational.

    Plenty of democrats are traders, and they made fortunes under Clinton.
  8. Actually, the best traders I've met tend to be Objectivists.
    Almost every time I found out the political philosophy of a highly successful trader, behold- another big Ayn Rand fan. After noticing the pattern, I read her stuff and joined the cult. :cool:
  9. Now wait a second. Is this LONGSHOT/FPC I find myself in agreement with? It's getting scary that your recent posts are getting more and more level headed and coherent. You stop drinking??

  10. Personal freedom Liberals sure, but not welfare collectivists. Buffet/Soros Socialist thinking is extremely rare among traders I've met.
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