Did I end up in bizaro world?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by frostengine, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. Business growth is CLEARLY slowing from current economic reports. Inflation acording to latest readings is still ACCELERATING. This is a horrible scenario. Oil is hitting fresh session highs right now,and will probablly set a new record in next few days, so inflation pressure will continue from oil.... Fighting is getting more and more intense in lebanon. Iraq is falling apart day by day. Iran is still saying **** the west we will develope nuclear technology. The rockets flying into israel is getting furrther and further probalbly helped by iran and syria rockets, which means they may enter the conflict as bigger players soon. A tropical storm is about to become the first hurricane of the season and will more than liekly target the gulf.

    Can ramble on and on about how bad everythign is, and yet the markets are STILL up today.. and have been rising pretty steadily for past 2 weeks.... what gives?? I remember another time very recently when the markets behaved like this.. that time was EARLY may...... market kept pushing higher and bad news kept mounting.. and finallyl boom.... we drop like a rock... Is the same thign going to happen..... I'm goign to start buying some Ym puts or something..... somethign has got to give!
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    You forgot to mention the heat waves
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    hmmm looking at some of the ETF's I get the definite impression that all is not well and more is heading down than up. What is going up is only slowly moving up.

  4. well this is what happens when the big boys fuck around in the market
    when the storm hit and everything is done then the market will go down
  5. I think its called ' pump and dump' or perhaps in up to date parlance 'pump and humped'...
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    Ym is making a lower high on the daily charts and this up cycle is weekening and should end in a day or two.

    The last down cycle on my biggest chart took YM down to 10740 (about 500 points). The next down cycle should start by the end of the week.

    This is whatt I expect for the next few years, grind down the way we grinded up.

    Barely noticiable but steady, ie up 50 points one day, down 75 the next...repeat.
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    When everyone is full of fear and loathing the most, that is often when the sharks begin to move in to do some buying; when treasures are sold off at cheap market prices. Good value will cause some buying. There are many very good companies which are totally oversold out there right now. As more disasters hit, and prices drop again, there will be more buying again. Shrewd traders and investors know good value, when most other people are running off the cliff like lemmings.
  8. yea it definetly seems a little dubious...but then again the republicans and corpoarate scum bag buddies of Bush/Paulson are getting desparate..November elections coming soon...