Did HFT & Algos Ruin the Game?

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  1. To the old school traders, is it harder to make money now than it was before these technologies? Can man ever beat machines that react to information in a faction of a second? To me it seems at this stage of the game, unless you're tech savvy enough to play the HFT & Algo game, your best shot is to swing trade & let the chips fall where they may.
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    Adapt or die, markets are always changing
  3. nothing wrong with trading over a longer period. adapt and stop whining.

  4. Agreed.
  5. You won't be able to compete with HFT on their turf (microstructure scalping). So take a step back and look for intraday swing setups. Most days, for instance, the SPY will provide at least a few decent moves that you can capture that aren't in the wheelhouse of ultrashort term algo's. You just have to adjust your game a bit.

    Good luck!

  6. I agree that you need to adapt and move on, but I used to be a big fan of trading consolidation breakouts on unusually active stocks. Not so much anymore.
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    HFT and Algo are just new labels what was always part of the markets as long as they exist. Some people were more efficient in exploiting market inefficiency.
  8. Now don't everybody all get their panties in a bunch at once. I'm not even IN the market. You know why? Because it's a big fucking con that is designed to siphon money away from small retail investors. Any one man who think he can get in the game with less than 1M and stand a chance against the armies of automated trading computers & insiders is a fool. Besides I don't consider being a 'trader' such a great thing. I would much rather have the respect and admiration of being a savvy INVESTOR instead of a market gambler.
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  9. So, we live in an arena where someone who isn't even in the game, thinks they are justified in dictating to those of us who are actually in the game, that one time frame is more dignified than another.

    You're on a trading website, dumbass. You might want to write that down.
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    what game you are talking about? what's up with 1M? why not 10? or 100K? if you referring to some very specific field? then maybe(cause having 1 or 10M does not guarantee you any profit either)... other than that-your statement makes no sense. the opportunities are out there. thousands of them, every single day.
    rules are sucks for retail(probably worse than i ever seen)-that's where i can agree

    appreciate,if you can enlighten us with your wisdom about cool 1M figure and where it's come from. :)
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