Did GWB's people ever blame Clinton publicly?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by 151, Oct 18, 2009.

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    I know plenty of people have blamed Bill Clinton for plenty of things in the past.

    Does anyone remember though if a member of Bush's cabinet ever publicly blamed Clinton for anything they failed at?
  2. Are you dumb or what? Bush sure could have blamed Clinton for a balanced budget, world at peace, and the highest level of respect and admiration for US in the world.

    I talked to various simpletons and they constantly pointed out how Clinton "destroyed" the military, a military that Dubya less than a year later took into Afghanistan.
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    Fuck you. Either answer the question or keep your trap shut. Thanks for nothing.
  4. You are an idiot. People blame bush because of the overwhelming "epic fail" his administration turned out to be.
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    Look maybe you cannot read. I asked a specific question because I do not know the answer myself. At no GD point did I say anything + or - about Clinton Bush or the toothfairy. So please go fly away in a weather balloon.
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    Fuck you, 151, and fix the dangling modifier so a reader can answer your question.
  7. Myabe during his campaign, Bush made some references to Clinton. Other than that I don't recall Bush blaming much of anything on Clinton.
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    Not that I recall.
  9. Bush passed over looking at the Eric Holder corrupt Pardon program.....Bush the professional gentleman he is told his people to just move on.
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    I do not know what I did to deserve the FU, from you. ET will not let me edit a post 30 minutes after posting so sorry.
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