Did GM suspend their dividend?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Recall, Jul 16, 2008.

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    And if they did does that now mean anyone holding the stock will not receive any dividend?


    If I buy it today I will not receive the dividend?
  2. Why don't you read the ubiquitous GM news reports and answer your questions yourself?
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    Why don't you be helpful and provide a link to it instead of wasting time being a prick.
  4. Yes, GM maintains a top secret website that only super special pricks like me can find.

    If you can't find the 3 billion news stories on GM you need more help than I can possibly give you.
  5. A dividend is received if you own the stock on the record date. GM's last dividend was paid to stock owners in May (I can't recall the exact date). As for future dividends, it doesn't matter if you already own the stock or buy it in the future. They aren't going to declare a dividend so no one will get one (until some future date when hopefully they will be in position to resume dividend payments).

    Note this relates to the common stock. They have lots of preferred stock and at this point they continue to make the dividend payments.
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    Thank you Hurricane!
  7. dividends don't really mean that much. If not given to stockholders, it simply increases the value of the stock and company. There are no free rides.