Did Gann Die Poor Or Not?

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  1. Probate rules required his assets to be made public after death?I'd like to know so any followers can look elsewhere.
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    About USD100k including primary residence. Maybe about USD1m in today's money or what you might expect from a small[publishing] business owner.

    The other thing is that Gann owned seats and traded for his own account through them for his own and managed money so his track record is verifiable. My guess is that this has been looked into and not publicised as it maybe does not support they Gann Industry myth as well as the track record from the Ticker and Investment Digest article (did Gann advertise his courses in this publication.)

    I am not a Gannophile but there is definitely something there e.g Gann days are worth paying attention to in retail driven markets.
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    It took me a good chunk of time to figure this out - present decisions affect not just the current trades but also the future ones, mainly because of the psychological factors. It may be much less in case of mechanical systems, but for discretionary approaches (as mine is) it is certainly true.
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    Gann for me is useless. Yes, he died.
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    You forgot to add something... We all know he died.
    Poor or rich at death is the question.
  6. W. D. GANN---This is the biggest fraud going. I knew Gann's son and promotion manager. The wild claims about W. D. are incorrect and do no match with what his son and F. B. Thatcher told me. I bought the Gann $5,000 course. It is a collection of general commentaries laced with astrology. Gann, shortly before he died, sold his advisory service to 2 or 3 different people at the same time.

    This is an excerpt from larry williams....but it sums it up.
  7. If you are very serious about learning Gann, here is a link.

    Before this becomes clear to you, it will be necessary to study

    The Great Pyramid
    Natural Cycles

    After you are competent in ALL of these areas, the link will be very beneficial to you.

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    Yep, i know you all know Gann is dead.. i was being factious. I looked at gann before and immediately discarded it as bogus. If it works for you, well and good.

    Arch Crawford is in the same league as Gann. How some find such trash as those guys and say they make money is beyond me.

    Simple stuff works, all else is really not much more than outsmarting yourself.

    How about all them gurus, they come and go like seasons.

    I read Connie Browns book on technical analysis and decided it was fine for her but unnecessary for my "EASY" way of getting consistent results. Why make a mountain from a mohill?....:eek:

    PS...What is this myth about retail driven accounts? Since when are retail accounts driving the technical setups of something as BIG as the SP? Maybe the "GHOST" of Gann is still alive....:eek:
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    Was talking about an overseas market where 70-80% of volume is retail. That said as Iunderstand it around 50% of US vol is now hedge funds who probably trade more like retail than like mutual funds. Same applies in bull markets I guess where fund inflows from Walt & Irma drive a lot of it.
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