Did ES stop trading or IB problem?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by newguy05, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. All my es futures and options quotes are gone in IB WTF?
  2. nassau


    we are mostly being froze out of playing but have had bid ask most of the day just not able to exit at the bid ask.
    same ol just before a short squeeze or drop.

  3. moarla


    no problem here in europe with IB -ES...
  4. just came back
  5. moarla


    most often is a ISP/line problem
  6. No problems at all here.

  7. no problem from Midwest. USA
  8. not isp i am getting stock quotes just fine.

    now my tws is moving very slowly, like every click takes 10 secs arggg what's wrong with my pc.
  9. What operating system are you using, and how much ram?

  10. nassau


    I don't believe it is a ram or it matters in most cases the system.

    We have had these issues and more since the beginning of time. Not only with IB but with other brokers as well.
    We have a 5mg download and 3 out and our computers use very little of the space and we have issues.
    Traders who trade activitly will notice the issues more than others. Many times we have been locked in stocks etc and other non active traders are not even aware of the issue based upon their style of trading.
    Since the beginning of the summer tws software has been slow.
    It can even be viewed on their demo.
    Sure wouldn't hurt for an upgrade on the servers. If the volitility causes the glitches then the servers etc should be upgraded to accomodate not be sub and continue to have issues.
    Again all the brokers we use have the same issues.
    Some just more. Think it a mistake....think again.

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