Did Cramer top tick the market again?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by 1prometheus, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. Does anyone who follows Cramer know if he once again encouraged maximum bullishness before the downtrend day?

    I do not follow him but it seems every time he makes the normal news he has top ticked the market for the next period.
  2. Actually, it sounds like you do follow him.
  3. I scan the headlines at a bunch of financial sites, including the street.com, so to a limited degree I do follow him.

    I do not know the specifics of his calls, etc however. So I can restate: Does anyone who follows him more closely than I do (like a subscriber or Mad Money program watcher) know how badly he top ticked the market this time?
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    He went decidely Bullish several days ago, because 5 of his 6 checklist items have been "rectified" (I don't remember all of them, but some were European Debt Crisis, Passing of Financial Reform Bill, BP Oil mess, China's economy, and I forget the other one). The 1 item that hasn't been turned around, according to him, is the US unemployment position (duh !).

    So yes, he has once again led his sheep to the slaughterhouse.

    More amusing, is watching Bob Pisani on CNBC turn a shade of grey, on days like today. He is such a rah-rah, and unobjective newscaster, that I actually relish the down days just to see his stomach churn, and look pissed off during his newscasts. It is truly hilarious, and he too, is nothing more than a buffoon.
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    I want to start a separate fading Cramer account for shits and giggles. Also a fading Adam F account for biotech. He pumped VVUS all the way up saying fda approval was as close to a sure thing as you could get. DNDN he said was a piece of crap right before it skyrocketed. I kinda feel bad for idiots that take these guys advice to heart but their wouldn't be a market without fools i guess.
  6. I follow him like a religion. Cramer is my donkey. JC buys tops and sells bottoms, that's just who he is.
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    Well we should see Don Harold posted a video of this, I believe he keeps accurate records of Cramer and his totally ridiculous calls.
  8. I have taken an interest in Cramer because last year one of the stocks I had previously purchased suddenly became a "cramer pick".

    "I figured this out because I searched for news about the company when it had a big up day, and found that it was benefiting from a "cramer pop" which is what happens when a moderately liquid stock is mentioned on his show.

    The minute I learned this I had this gut feeling that I should sell immediately. However, I did not and surprise surprise, this has been my worst performing stock over the past year. Not long after the "Cramer pump" another headline hit the news: The company would be raising equity capital and issuing new shares. Surprise, surprise. (?)

    On a slightly similar note, (and I am sure it has been discussed here before), but one wonders if some of the fade traders here would do well to scan the news for "cramer pumps" every evening for perhaps a high odds short trade over a 3 to 5 day holding period, if not a day trade.