Did CNBC kill that technology sector reporter in California?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Happy Hopping, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. everytime there is earning announcement in the tech. sector, CNBC switch to that guy in California, and he'll cover the story in detail. What's that guy's name? And I haven't seen him lately, did CNBC cut back and kill his job?

    because jane wells is in CA, and she's still around
  2. CET


    I think you mean Jim Goldman, and I believe he quit for some PR firm. He was nothing but a fluffer for silicon valley firms, so it is a good thing he is gone. Time will tell if the new guy covering this sector is any good.
  3. I thought the last guy before him was much worse. I forgot his name, but that other guy, loose tie, and hair that looks like he never wash. Butt the worst part is that other guy's comment, I recall he was covering yahoo earning. The earning is actually very good, but because the prev. QTR. was superb, people were expecting much more, and so the stock drop. That guy made some B.S. comments and said "it's just not there".

    So to me, at least Jim Goldman looks presentable and dignifies. His comment seems quite neutral, I don't see anything out of wack, what don't you like about him?