Did Art Cashin Lose It?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by shortie, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. His comments confirm that he is a follower of Elliott Wave Theory. He ( as well as others ) were looking for a 5th wave to the downside late last week. When it didn't materialize, he changed his "tone" rather quickly and is now looking for a multi-week rally.
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  2. bxptone


    Didn't hear what he said, but he's looking now for a 20% drop in the markets? :p I remember him saying just the other day about how he thinks the 900 point rally the other day had legs? :D

    MSNBC the best emotional mind fuck for a trader. If you ever take anything any of their "gurus" have to say, to heart.

    I still think the market goes down over the next year or 2. But funny these guys on MSNBC, either one of them is always flip flopping, or they get on a guy that's ALWAYS WRONG, like Peter Costa that's been saying buy financials since DOW 11500.

    But that Dennis Kneale guy is now my favorite target at MSNBC. The DOW has done nothing but tank since this extreme market pumper has shown his geeky ass on TV. I can't stand Dennis Kneale.

    You know your a retrard when even Maria Carrusso (I like to show tits off) Cabrerra can smack you around on a business channel.
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  3. she could smack me around any day.

    Ive been staring at those knockers every day for quite some time now, and I am really curious whats goin on in that shirt.
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  4. OK, well, I'm not a tit man, but check out the ass in that little office suit. Hmmm...
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  5. Cabrerra is one of the most underrated business hotties. Tits, ass, etc, it's all there in ample doses. Sign me up!

    Re the low, maybe for the short term but the market is just in the process of reloading.
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    when they do a close up on her face im always reminded of one of picasso's distorted woman portrait paintings.I dont know why.
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