Did Art Cashin Lose It?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by shortie, Oct 29, 2008.

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    he said last week he was expecting a move this week that would be historic and written about for decades.I think he was implying an up move.
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  2. well he has been dying for capitulation all Ive heard. But then again yesterday he said cautiously that the rally seems to have legs, so what do I know.
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  3. Ah huh....the $64,000,000 question:D
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  4. CNBC is owned by NBC.

    Anyone employed by NBC in any capacity is required to kiss Barry Obama's ass.

    Therfore, what Arthur Cashin was trying to communicate in code the best he could.

    Cashin was attempting to say, if Barry be elected President, then it likely the market looks for a new bottom, a Barry bottom so to speak.
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  5. Precisely what does this mean? What were his personal returns for that year/month???
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  6. Well, Cashin was just on and he stated that the market would not like to see Obama get in...
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  7. Elliot Wave is ballooney. Cashin is a lot of fluff talk.
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  8. ===================
    a] Don't know mr Cashin personaly, but i have been priveleged to see/hear his market comments[1987-now]

    b]Precisely, dont know his personal returns that year/month;
    high probability, Mike Marcus did much better that year.

    c]Precisely, heard him long enough, to understand him going thru the 1987 bear, he tends to have a bear bias. So i dont know if he is for low taxes like I am;
    but now where is it written , a low tax rate stops a bear.
    Gov Sara Palin couod easily stop an Alaskan bear, she could not stop a bear market. She probably could stop a house bear.......

    Good question, Bull Alert,& another reason I am still bearish for Wall Streets markets[most, not all markets], reguardless , even if tax cutters get in power again;
    a widow woman, said she wasnt that concerned about her stock prices[she was bullish ] bullish long term on her dividend stocks.:cool:
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  9. <p>
    <img src="http://icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.com/2007/05/i-shall-not-tolerate-such-rubbish-good-day-sir.jpg" border="0" />
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  10. ====================
    Agree, tax raisers tend to choke some capitalists;
    but to contrast that,
    even a tax cutter like gov Sara Palin,
    isnt bigger than the market.

    Gap ups maybe bullish in a bull market;
    but most all trends are bearish. Gap ups in bear markets may not last long.Not a prediction.Ralph Reed mentioned several ways for Mr McCain-Sara Palin to win.

    So when you have enough of the market not caring about stock prices dropping [like that widow woman, who just wants her dividends]. Tax cutters ,while important,
    that tax cutting is a secondary deal.:cool:
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