Did anyone try Clayburg's systems?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ADX_trader, Feb 21, 2003.

  1. I read the records of his systems, some of them have win/loss ratio of 3:7. It seems you need to face lots of losses. But their performances are very good. Some of them are listed in the top ten in Futurestruth. Did anyone try to use them in real world trading?
  2. I read his book. The Four Dimensions.. something. In the book it all makes sense, when I tried applying it to ES daytrading, it didn't work. That's all I can say.
  3. ZBEAR


    I would be interested in hearing about anyone's experiences using Clayburg's "Double Stochastic."

    Sounds good.

  4. Neil


    I read Clayburg's 'Four Steps to Trading Success' and quite liked the Directional Day Filter concept. I modified it to suit myself and worked with it for a while.. its about observing the first hour and then deciding the highest probability direction of main trend for the day and then only trading in that direction for the rest of the day.. using my own criteria for entry and exit.. worked quite well for me in fact..

    It helped me in several ways.. reduced my tendency to have a bias, usually short too often (not always at the right time tho!) and gave me a liking for applying a system with disciplne.. rather than the more discretionary style which overall just does not seem to work out so good for me over time. Even when the direction chosen turned out wrong, sticking with one bias for the day still sometimes worked out as pullbacks etc still gave some room for gains..

    I ran with that for a couple of months.. using the QQQ only.. stopped it now, altho was positive but not a great deal. Still too much discretion involved for me in choosing my entry/exits.. I tend to get the hell out for the day when I am ahead a decent amount but inevitably end up trading more when behind and sometimes make those days worse.. It did slow me down tho and led to me working harder to find my own system which I am now using.. I liked having more clearly defined rules..

    Never thought I would do this, but am now using a stop and reverse system, still waiting the first hour tho, which for some reason works best with my method, and out in last half hour of day.. so always in a trade during those hours and so far, oddly, doing better than ever before and less stressed due to having those clear rules to follow.. so can thank clayburg for that, to give credit where credit due!