Did Anyone Take My Advice With BW?...

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  1. Good! Because I didn't f'ing listen to myself either...

    12-02-06 04:48 PM
    Yes folks it's that time again when you read Barrons over the stonedinvestors shoulder, filtering it's content through a battle hardened brain of discontent...

    Interesting right to the right of the above piece is a sidebar column on Dem's Unlikely To Dim Nuclear plants Future, I've been thinking nuclear with oil staying so high and I noticed Exelon the nuclear utility coming across the tape at a healthy $61 bucks... there's a secret play here I'm just about ready to buy anyway- this might push me over the edge- The play is a stock called BW, Brush Engineering, they are the only makers of Beryllium which goes into reactors these days- more on this later if we choose it- lets move on...

    >> yes Stoney let's move on and leave $8 on the freakin' table. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

    Basic Materials : Metal Mining
    Last Price Today's Change Bid (Size) Ask (Size) Volume Trade
    39.37 +8.01 (+25.54%) 39.36 x200 39.39 x200 1,403,872
  2. me2


    i totally follow everything you say to do because of your battle tested hardend brain. what should i do next? is ok to wipe my ass after i grow a brown tail. tell me- you know all
  3. Are you saying that you were going to buy BW last week and changed your mind?

    If you have that kind of crystal ball to know that a stock like BW was going to bounce up like it did today, please let me be the first to get in line to get some of that!

    Otherwise, don't kick yourself too hard. How can anyone be expected to know the news before it comes out. Only folks like Martha Stewart get that kind of privy info!

    Well, actually, I did get a little smigen of insider info back in Jan-Feb. of 1991. My g/f's brother had just started working for a company called American Power Conversion (APCC) and he told her to buy a ton of the stock because some good news was coming out. I didn't buy any, and of course they announced a new plant opening and the stock gapped up like BW did today (APCC went from 31 to 38 on that day back in 91).

    Anyways, unless you get lucky and get some inside news, you gotta just do like the rest of us smucks do!

  4. No no traderich I had the whole story kit and kaboodle perfect buy and hold stock.. I should of just called it in but my penchant for risky stuff had me always allotting funds to other plays as it just sat there and even drifted down. Bottom Line. I gave up on it.

    me2 after you grow a browntail there are options to wiping in the first place. One you could just sit on your tale. Two you could sell your tale and with the proceeds- pay someone to wipe for you. Three you can just free stink it up just keep your tail down. It's good to have choices.
  5. Actually..... It had nothing to do with you, but I did put a position back on the beryllium supplier on 1/23 after selling it on 11/17....Took a nice 9% out of my original cost and took most off the table today when I got stopped out at 40.19....Caught the whole move today, but it represented less than .5% of the portfolio.....Just a minor problem with over diversification....

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  6. $COST figures it would be you. Beryllium is not on most investors radar. When you look at the chart up to today you can see why I never triggered into it. My system has a little momentum kicker to it and that can come back to kick you in the ass! Bottom line> if you have a good idea and good management, just go with it. Just be prepared to sit on the nests of a few names before these ideas hatch.

    One of these threads recently asked who is your trading idol? I don't know enough about you $COST but I envision a man early- retired, a former Hedge Fund manager, with more money than can ever be tracked in any organized way or by any organization. A man with a deft hand at turning lots of money into even more money- Living where it's warm- might have a boat. Having the last laugh at life. A heavy but fun drinker. That's pretty much what I aspire to be! (minus the hedge fund).

    ~ stoney