Did anyone see this guy's prediction yesterday?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dstod, Feb 5, 2003.

  1. dstod


    I read this post late last night and saw the stock ticking on CNBC.
    ETRX is now at .25 x .26. Up over 250%!

    Originally posted by Janitor 2/5/03:

    mmmm pennies
    I love em and do well at them.

    PRB .07
    ETRX .065

    1) these companies are going out of business soon.
    2) they'll both probably double or triple within a week or two.

    Only what you can afford to lose....
  2. I didn't check the volume but often times with these penny stocks, somebody buying 10,000 shares can drive it way up....but it can work in the reverse too.
  3. I had to sit on the bid for 17k jpn.v for 3 days to get the order completed. Might have been faster, but I don't think Schwab will iceberg the orders.. (It gets routed through nasdaq, the shows up somewhere in the ether where intermarket trades happen).

    It's not just penny stocks either.. I accidentally moved fcx preferred 'd' $0.80 with a market order for 1500 shares once. Took awhile to make it back..