Did anyone see the rat in front of oBama?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Stok, May 21, 2010.

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    Was that dOdd? Or Fraud? Or Liar? Was that pElosui? Look close, you can see the fake boobs and botox.....ALL FRAUDS.

    When are we gonna get rid of the liar's and fraud's? On both sides of the isle, they use and abuse their power's when they have never had any real jobs....EVER. oBama has never had a real job, just teaching and bitching. dOdd is a fraud with this new legislation.

    Our Constitution was written on 18 pages.....these fools cannot even read the AZ bill which is a rehash of federal law. Nevertheless the oBamacare bill......2000+ pages.

    Sweep all them out (dem's/socialist's(All the EU is focked)/repub's as well)...all of them....they r ruining this great Country with debt and under the table deals.

    WAKE UP!
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  2. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100520/ap_on_re_us/us_obama_rodent

    Obama is so far from center I'm shocked that even a mouse could fit to his left.
  3. What I see is a picture of a little rat and a big rat.
  4. LMAO

    hilarious thread and responses.

    pls carry on.
  5. If you guys bash both Republicans and Democrats, Democrats win. That's actually a Democrat strategy: Pretend you're a moderate and bash both parties, then Democrats will win.

    It's real sad, Democrats are in total power, yet some of you dummies just have to lump Republicans in with them.
  6. Any self respecting rat would run if you had a Chinese cook in the kitchen.
  7. Baywolf


    how the hell did this political dribble land in my inbox? moved?
  8. Rats are said to be the first to leave a ship that is sinking...
  9. Rats are like cockroaches... where you see one, there are a THOUSAND hidden from view. Of course, there are at least 300 we know of... Democrats in Congress and the Senate...
  10. Clearly you can see it's not a rat it is a "mole".

    Probably works for GS.
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