Did anyone see the funeral of the wife and kids

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  1. Where the wife and kids were raped and then burnt in their house? The father was at the funeral having just recovered from hospital. Very sad story..
  2. I live 100 yards away from them. nice family.

    Never thought anything like this would happen in Cheshire, Ct. upscale, residential area.
  3. what was the family's name? any idea.
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    Google either "Jennifer Hawke-Petit" or "Petit Cheshire".
  5. Oh I always thought it was something else. Were the famous or just publicized because of the appaling incidnet?
  6. I was sitting home trading and I heard a big bang and lots of sirens. Had no idea what happened until later on.

    Family's house was actually through the woods on teh next road from mine. About 100 yards through the woods. nice suburban area.

    Cheshire, Ct is an upper-middle class suburban town. Houses go for minimum $300k and average close to $400k. No minorities, very good school systems, no shootings, few teen pregnancies or drugs.

    The husband was a prominent endocrinologist and I actually went to a few of their parties. Nice guy. Can't imagine why anyone would do anything like that to that family.
  7. yeah me neither.. seriously disgusting.. and to have a 14 year old child but still do it is unthinkable.