Did anyone run into data feed problem with PFG?

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    I use PFG and TradeMaven DOM as trade platform for ESM6. Almost right after FED announcement at 1:15 pm (CTS) data feed for ESM6 was frozen (or about 2 points behind my eSignal data) for about five minutes. Since It's Fed time, the volume of ESM6 was huge. Anyone experienced the same problem?

  2. Yes, mine froze for about 2 minutes as well. Then after it got going again, the data on the DOM was delayed by about 5 minutes for the next 30 minutes (making it totally unusable for trading).

    Data didn't match up with my chart datafeed (MyTrack feed for SierraChart) until about 14:45.

    I called technical support at PFG, and they said that their programmers were aware of the problem and were working on it.

    I have noticed a couple other days over the past 6 weeks or so when data was delayed on the TM platform from PFG by 1-2 minutes. I called PFG about it and they said that they would fix it (which would happen about 10-15 minutes later).

    I'm not sure why PFG's feed would lag like this in such a major way.

    I used to use Transact as my broker (again with the TM platform), but I left them because they had too many datafeed disconnect problems back in February/March. But when Transact ran, there was never a delay issue like I've seen with PFG.

    A friend of mine was using the Best Direct platform (not TM) from PFG today and said there was no datafeed stall or slowdown on it. I don't know why there would be a datafeed delay on one of PFG's platforms and not the other.
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    I transferred from Trade Maven/TranAct to PFG/Trade Maven because the datafeed issue back in Feb/March timeframe. Very disappointed with PFG.

    Anyone has suggestions about a solid execution platform or any combinations?

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    NinjaTrader on Zen Fire connection is best out there right now. Tested side by side next to TT. Zen Fire connection with the features of Ninja make this a great platform.
  5. Truff -

    Which broker are you working through on the Ninja/Zen Fire set up?

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    Im testing it. It flies. NT is solid front end. Still like BT better.

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    Here is the reply I recived from PFG compliance today for the datafeed issue:

    I am in receipt of the above mentioned issue log. It appears your issue is with the fact that the quotes on Best Direct were not updating properly. PFG is not a quote provider and does not charge for the quotes that stream through Best Direct. There is a variety of reasons why a user could experience failures in order placements, order cancellations, trade executions or trade reports. Trading on an electronic trading system exposes you to risk associated with the system including the failure of hardware and software. The result of any system failure may be that your order is either not executed according to your instructions or is not executed at all. Orders placed through BEST Direct Fast are placed at the customer's sole risk. Although numerous features have been designed into BEST Direct to prevent system failure, as with all electronic systems, service could be interrupted. In using our systems, you accept that solely you are taking those risks, and that we cannot be held responsible by you if they occur. These risks are outlined in the risk disclaimer's you acknowledged prior to down loading the system. If you would like additional copy I can have that sent to you.

    In the future please remember that we recommend that all customers use a third party quote provider. PFG appreciates your business and as a goodwill gesture, I am willing to credit your account $50. If this is acceptable please respond.

  8. StrategyRunner is a better solution then TM (also with trading from charts)
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    I used to trade options and stocks with optionsXpress and other brokages, more an integrated environment. This is the first time exposed to emini trading. I use a combination of PFG, RJ Futures and TradMaven. Hopefully someone can help me to understand what role each of those comanpies plays? Who is my quote provider? Who is responsible for order execution? When this kind of things happened where is the gap?

    Thanks in advance ---
  10. Greeks -

    I have the same set up as you. JR is an introducing broker. Nothing really goes through them. They get paid a commission by PFG.

    Account money is held by PFG. Data feed comes from PFG (from exchange feeds). Transactions go through PFG to exchanges.

    TradeMaven is simply the platform which takes in the datafeed from PFG (to show DOM and charts) and sends out order info that you input into it to PFG, which then forwards the orders (buy, sell, stop, limit, market etc.) to exchange for action to be recorded.

    Any datafeed problems occurs at PFG on their servers or on PFG's connection to the exchange data. It has nothing to do with TradeMaven or JR.

    I had datafeed problems when I was with Transact, while using the TradeMaven platform.
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