Did Anyone Here See 'House of Cards' with Marc Faber (CNBC Special)?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by ByLoSellHi, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. I actually thought it was one of the better 'specials' CNBC ever did.
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    Encore presentation on now.
  3. I'm watching it right now.

    It doesn't make me want to change the channel, like I usually want to do around midday for "Power Lunch", which is probably the worst show on television, the cesspool of CNBC.
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    needed to add the media rah-rah hype, but the CNBC lords cut that out:D
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    I watched it - Made me madder than hell

    All the greed, corruption, stupidity, and incompetence – that we are being made to pay for
  6. The guys that made the money off the unprecedented bubble that was housing (commercial and office RE, too) were in the very right time at the right place.

    They were extremely fortunate, and I bet that less than 4% of them hung on to the money they made, because they didn't take chips off the table. You see, greed does that...it intoxicates or drugs participants in the game, and lulls them into semi-comatose states' of mind.

    Now the guy that impressed me most was Bass.

    That guy was on his A Game, big time.

    He did his homework, constantly questioned his assumptions, sought out others to help and try and disprove his thesis (they couldn't), and even flew to New York to meet with Ber Stearns head of Risk Management to outline his case.

    When he saw that the morons had used ludicrous assumptions in their modeling, and saw the shit the credit rating agencies were stamping AAA, he acted, and acted big - investing a billion in CDSs.

    That guy is epic.
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    Is Marc Faber actually interviewd in this thing? If so I would like to DVR it. But I think the OP might be confused with David Faber, the host, who actually bores me to tears.
  8. David Faber, not Marc...sorry.

    I think David Faber did a pretty good job in this.
  9. Another "well packaged" story to lead you away from the reality of a PLANNED financial grid takedown! :) Thanks CNBC....you have accomplished your task as directed. :eek:
  10. You seriously need to stop with all the conspiracy crap.
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