Did anybody upgrade to Vista yet?

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  1. Should we wait a month or buy Vista now?
    Any software problems with your upgrades? Charts? exectutions? News? All working?
  2. I guess not. LOL.
  3. Don't convert to Vista until SP2.
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    Equis wont have a MetaStock Professional that is compatible with Vista until at least March so I cant upgrade yet... I have got Vista Ultimate in the desk drawer though ready and waiting to try out Mr Gate's next bloatware atrocity
  5. I would really wait for at least 6months to a year before you upgrade.

    1. Most programs havent been updated for Vista yet.

    2. Trading software hasnt been tested yet, for example TT wont start testing for Vista for another 3 months, so if the rolls royce of trading platforms is waiting...you might as well.

    3. Upgrade or buy a new computer next year...and it will come with Vista installed and optimized....unless you're an uber tech genius like myself, you might have a royal pain in the rear dealing with drivers and optimization in Vista.

    4. The user interface has mixed reviews...both Vista and Office 2007 doesnt have any major fans yet...lots of reviewers think the new UI is harder to use and learn, some might never use Office 2007, since some features are gone now.

    5. God only knows what sorts of new hacks are available or backdoors are lurking for Vista...that we dont know about...at least XP has had years of battle hardened experience, and you can very well harden it to hackers and security yourself now already....and you know what you'll get....not with Vista....go read about Zero day exploits and notice that Vista hasnt had any yet....or at least admitted to them yet.

    6. Make a protest vote...and keep your XP...or look at a Mac or Linux desktop. Vista is severely limited with its heavy handed DRM and rights management. Even hollywood put the slam down on it...and you CANT play any HD content on it....although you can just download or crack the HD/Blu ray discs now already....and just watch the unencrypted copies on your PC (just did it myself last week...looks great)
    ....which I'm sure many many more users will be doing since Vista wont play HD without hacking now.....thats a serious flaw.

    7. Save your $400 bucks for the Vista Premium....invest the money in some good trading books and actually read...and re-read and try to learn from them....sitting on the shelf doesnt make you more profitable....reading, studying, writing all over the book and making notes while you read...is real learning.
  6. dont upgrade to vista untill/ unless you have to for some reason . even then think seriously about making the switch to linux or even jobs, os at that time . preferbaally linux!!
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    What other trading programs don't work with vista?
  8. They all work. Try it and see for yourself. And all the drivers are already preinstalled in Vista. Vista has been available to the software vendors for 2 years prior to their release to the public last week so they can prepare their software to work with vista. All the software works. If there is software that does not, it is because the software company did not do their job and reprogram their sofatware. Not because Vista does not work.
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  10. Good Post.

    I actually support Microsoft products and my main trading machine is an E6600 duo with 2G of 800M RAM but there's no way I'm moving to a resource hog that adds nothing to my environment but eye candy.
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