Did another hedge fund blow up??

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by TheDudeofLife, Nov 17, 2006.

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  2. dollar is just going down because it must. Just another story to let you believe the dollar is just experiencing a dip...which you should buy.
    Just short the dollar
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    Wow, if it were Citadel, that would really be something. Kinda doubt that, though. They're freakin' huge...
  4. I think it was Citadel who took over Amaranths portfolio....
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    Didn't they buy the Amaranth positions? Hmm.. I wonder which of their funds caused the blow up?

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    I thought Centaurus was going to take over Amaranth's book. Have not heard for sure though... Well, going early weekend so I'm gone. Hope your week was a nice as mine.
  7. I know JP Morgan was in the bidding for a good chunk of it... but it was the energy portfolio that caused people worry. This sounds like it was some fund with significant currency exposure?

    //didn't rtfa
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  9. Ken's all business and knows that at 15bb aum the $ isn't in the return, it's in the management of volatility and achieving respectable alpha...not blowing the doors off all the competition.

    ...any more rumors?
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