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    Hi, all. Is there a dictionary or jargon list in the forum in general ?

    If not, don't you think that would be a helpful thread for beginners ?

    I faced this problem reading the forum. Sometimes it takes 5 minutes to finish an entry because of a separate tab to look for technical words, jargons and abbreviations. Instead of polluting threads asking about these things, newbies like me come and ask here so that future generations can benefit, too.

    There can be one dictionary or separate ones depending on the section like Forex or Commodities.

    We can start with these

    -candle stick chart

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    Some guys like to use jargon so they sound intelligent & cool.
    We had one guy some years back JH, could never understand his acronyms.
    Others like Peststerio try and sound cool with options jargon.
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    It ain’t just his jargon few could understand...hardly anyone understood his system. Not sure he did either...BUT it was free. As far as I know he never charged a cent. I’d imagine an interpreter of his methodology will come along and make some jack explaining it via...some sort of course or educational ploy.
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    May I ask what is a Quechua doing in Greece?
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    It is a sub-brand of a widely used sports products brand (Decathlon) in Europe
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    I've seen enough Jesus movies to remember that the SPQR thing has something to do with ancient Rome. And didn't ancient Rome and ancient Greece have issues with each other? My memory is fuzzy on the history of it all.

    So what gives with YOUR acronym/jargon in your avatar pic? Maybe future generations can benefit from understanding the history of those times. Hehe.
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