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  1. Does somebody have a link to a free online dictionary?
    If you do, would you post it?

    Sometimes I've got absolutely no idea what some of these uncommon words mean.

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    Check Yahoo Reference. All kinds of dictionaries, thesauruses, encyclopedias, etc.
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  4. Thanks guys,
    I've got two to work with now. :)
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    HELos AGAin to all FIENds! cOUSIN SHORTY hear and Mycousin TLC Has something SPACial for yous today!


    Advisor - anyone who charges money for stock advice to cover his losses in the market

    Advisory Service - an advisor who lost a very large amount of money and started a new business

    Afternoon - the daily opportunity to give back all the money you made that morning (see Friday)

    Apprentice - potentially, anyone that looks at your screen just after you get out of a winning trade

    Average Down - what you have to do if you were long and had to go to the bathroom

    Average Up - what you have to do if you were short and had to go to the bathroom

    Bad Trade/Stupid Trade - a losing trade that somebody else does that doesn't fit your strategy

    Backup Plan - see Averaging Up, Averaging Down and Break

    Bottom - (when you are long) the exact spot where you give up averaging down and sell (when you are short) the spot where the book says you should go short

    Break - what you take when you have either 2 winners or 5 losers in a row

    Broker - somebody that studied hard and has a fancy license to legally lose your money for a slight additional charge

    Bulletin Board (OTCBB) - the exercise yard at the Graybar Hotel

    Canadian - anyone who is short any stock you own

    Chair of Woe - the empty chair where the new guy sits next to the pro who trades Internet IPOs

    Chart - what you check after you exit the trade to try and figure out what went wrong

    Cheap Stock - a stock that will go down as soon as you decide not to short it

    Confusion - 6 open positions

    Coyote Syndrome - when you have to chew your own arm off so you don't click the mouse again

    Day Trade - a trade where you get in way too late and get out way too early

    Dickhead - anyone that looks at your screen while you are down on a trade

    Double Up - phrase you use to explain your open position after you accidentally bought more instead of sold what you owned

    Down On The Day - a temporary situation until right after this next trade

    Excellent Company - any stock you know nothing about that you make a winning trade on

    Excellent Long Term Investment - A Position Trade that went the wrong way right after you took the position

    Expensive Stock - a stock that will go up as soon as you decide not to go long

    Expert - new guy who hasn't started trading yet (see Licensed Expert)

    Fossil - a really old dude that makes less than 90 trades a day

    Freak - anyone who can do three winning trades in a row (see Jerkoff)

    Friday - The weekly opportunity to give back everything you made that week (see Afternoon)

    Fundamental Analysis - the process of checking to see if you can short a stock

    Gap Up - a stock that opens higher than it closed the day before, and will go down if you buy it, but will continue to go up if you short it

    Genius - what an Apprentice thinks you are if you luck out 3 times in a row

    Halt (stock) - (open position) impending really good news or really bad news, but in either case, the scariest thing ever invented

    Highlight - selling into the rally while the guy on TV explains the complex reasons why the stock is special

    Home Run - every single trade you consider, tell somebody else about and then don't do yourself

    Huge Player - 1. any guy with more than fifteen grand left 2. any trader that's been there for more than three months

    Idiot - the fool that gives you his stock to cover your winning short position

    INCA - (if long) some creep that puts up a 50,000 share offer right when you go long (if short) the same guy going long

    Interest Rates - the excuse the market makers offer to cover up their manipulation of the stock market

    IPO - expensive cyanide

    IPO (Internet) - Expensive Cyanide Flambé with Extra Sugar

    IPO (NYSE) - loser

    Jackass - anyone who looks at your trade blotter and laughs out loud

    Jerkoff - anybody that ends the day with a profit

    Joker - a Pro who takes a break and walks around laughing to himself (see Pro, Break)

    Level 2 - the level in Hell where the Devil explains an extremely complex way to lose a very large amount of money in a very short period of time

    Licensed Expert - a guy with a Series 7 license that hasn't started trading yet

    Loudmouth - 1. Anyone that says anything anywhere near you while you are in the middle of a losing trade
    2. The new guy that can't seem to pull the trigger and then yells out, "It's running!"

    Lucky Trade - a winning trade that somebody else made that doesn't exactly fit your strategy

    Lunch Money - what you throw away between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Eastern time

    Manager - the only day trader who figured out a Never Lose Trading System

    Margin - (if you are up) a no risk situation with huge potential return (if you are down) an evil invention by Unseen Forces that tricks you into losing more money than you have

    Margin Call - what happens every time your clearing firm makes any sort of accounting mistake

    Market Maker - the guy that has the secret video camera set up behind you and takes the other side of every one of your losing trades

    Moron - the bonehead that buys your winning long position

    Moving Average - a wavy line that has nothing to do with price movement if you have an open position

    Pain - exiting at a loss, reversing your position on the stock and then watching it go the way you knew it would in the first place

    Paper Trade - any trade you tell your Apprentice about to explain your system

    Partial Fill - a test the Market Makers provide to see if you can quickly do simple math while under extreme stress

    Piece of Crap - any Excellent Company that you have a losing trade on

    Position Trade - a Day Trade that went the wrong way right after you took the position

    Pro - any guy at the trading center who never says anything and is usually smiling (see Joker)

    Scalping - losing only an eighth at a time

    Secret Trade - any trade that you don't mention to the Apprentice when he asks you how you are doing

    Severe Pain - being down 3/8 on 1000 shares where the volume dried up and then noticing you missed 4 points on that other trade you were going to do instead (see Pain)

    Short List - daily list of stocks that will go up and never pull back

    Short List Request - request submitted to the clearing firm which contains a list of all stocks that you could short yesterday and can short tomorrow, but not today

    Short Squeeze - (when you are short) when someone you never met and shouldn't really have anything against you tries on purpose to hurt you and your family personally (when you are long) proof you are a genius

    Special Situation - when you watch your losing stop limit go by and take a larger position instead of exiting the trade (see Long Term Investment)

    Spread (if a winning trade) sharing the wealth (if a losing trade) an evil market maker ripping you off

    System Trade - the phrase you use to explain to the Apprentice how your trade didn't work out the way you planned it

    Technical Analysis - (traditional) voodoo without the animal blood and chanting (Point and Figure) really weird voodoo without the animal blood and chanting

    Top - (when long) the point on the chart where the stock backs off real fast before you get out (when short) the exact spot where you cover

    Trainer - the only guy in the room who has never day traded in his entire life

    Trend Line - the imaginary line on a price chart that only changes when the market is closed or when you are not looking

    Up On The Day - what you are when the market closes, not counting ticket charges

    Uptick - (if long) added hope (if short) the Market Maker letting everyone else in (if no position) another good chance to lose some money by going short

    Visitor - (if wearing casual clothes) - new money (if wearing suit) - trouble

    Volume Spike - (open position) confirmation that you are either the smartest person on the planet or the biggest idiot (no position) confirmation that you are the smartest person on the planet but you were not paying attention


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