Dicky Fuld.."We're Back Baby"

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by lrm21, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. lrm21



    Everything is ok know. "whew"
  2. TT1


    I bet right now Paulson's Wall St. buddies are setting up Deleware Corporations to rake in $$$Billions off of this bailout!!!

    The same fuckers that caused S&L fiasco, backed doored the RTC and made $$$Millions on that deal.

    The same will happen here.

  3. Chood


    I understand folks already are applying for these positions. They must take the “Competence and Conflicts” questionnaire Hank’s A team at Treasury put together to screen for top talent. See how you’d score on it, it’s very quick, with 3 right out of 4 earning a passing grade:

    True or False (mark only one answer per question, please):

    1. If you don’t know who the suckers are,
    you’re one. True ___
    False ___

    2. If it is worth being dishonest about, it is worth
    levering. True ___
    False ___

    3. If you sell to greater fools, it is good to have
    a ready supply of them. (Bonus point it you add, “Enter Congress.”)
    True ____
    False ____

    4. Never ever pay if you can get the other guy to. (which is why you never go for drinks with Hannity. He's Irish for goshshakes and you're stuck with the tab)
    True _____
    False ____