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    I read and listen to Dick Morris from time to time, but it's often very hard to take him seriously IMHO. I do not think there is anything that the Clinton's could ever do that would make them acceptable to him anymore. He's a bit like stock_trader3 here on ET, no matter what the market does it's all sunshine and cherries. Dick Morris is just sort of the reverse of that on the Clinton's. In any case, I was reading an article he wrote and it was kinda funny, but now I can't find the thing again.

    He was talking about Hillary Clinton's red phone add. He said that Obama should have come out right away with his own add that would go like this: The phone rings several times, a lady with a bland midwestern accent picks it up. She says "ok, just a minute", then there is a pause and she says "Bill, it's for you".

    I thought it was kinda funny. Clinton never had any sort of security clearance at all during her husband's administration, yet she is using the "experience" of being first lady as a major part of her campaign. It's as if we should all give Steve Cohen's wife our life savings to invest since her husband has been very successful.
  2. .......except I don't think Clinton's husband was all that successful at national security.
  3. lol @ Dick Morris:
    Condi vs. Hillary: The Next Great Presidential Race (Hardcover) by Dick Morris
    And all his other predictions worked out about as well as this one, I honestly don't remember a single time when he was right.

    As far as Hillary's experience is concerned - let's not fool ourselves, she was intimately involved in every decision, every policy, every crisis etc while Bill was president, even if she did not have an official role/title. This is not to say that she should be nominated but lying to ourselves that she does not have experience because her status was unofficial is not helpful.

  4. We know she was intimately involved in every scandal management and the health care fiasco; we have no way of knowing whether she had any involvement in national security matters. You're talking out of your butt.
  5. I was talking common sense, that you are deprived of it does not make you a bad person, just a dumb one.
  6. while i am very amused at dick morris ratting out the clintons..... i still find him to be bush league.

    his great success is the clinton's 92 victory.... which had nothing to do with his abilities. clinton won because perot siphoned off conservative votes from bush sr. don't let anyone kid you and tell you ross was supported equally by dem's. morris is a no talent snake oil salesman.

  7. Did your common sense also tell you that the First Lady of the United States had "no official role or title"?

    What's comin out yo butt is hittin a fan and flyin back atya.
  8. Your lack of common sense is showing again. Clearly when I was talking about official role/title it was in the sense of job title or position within the administration. First Lady is not a job.

    The point is that anyone with half a brain has no doubt that she was involved in every decision and that Bill will be involved in every decision if she is elected. Duh!. Feel free to stick to your opinion though, that's what people with no common sense tend to do anyway.
  9. I read him all the time. If you remember, he had his own pee pee problem around 1997, so sometimes his anecdotes are pretty ironic.

    However, in one column, he spoke of negotiating with The Devil and his Dragon Lady, when Hillary said, "you know, all you people ever think about is money."

    And Morris responded, "by "all you people", Mrs. Clinton, I assume you mean "political consultants."

    I can't understand Jewish people supporting her in the least. And as far as the rest of us, she probably looks down her nose at us too.

    It's an interesting read for me because he despises them too.
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    "Official" has nothing to do with intelligence or education.

    Hillary graduated from the same law school as Bill, in the same class in fact.

    She's been with him throughout his entire political career. As governor of Arkansas, he worked at home, where she was as well. As president of the USA, he worked at home, where she was as well. She sat in on more than a few Cabinet meetings, and she had full access to the Oval Office whenever there wasn't a full-blown security meeting in progress.

    All the stupid analogies of her being like a brain surgeon's wife trying to perform brain surgery are pure mindlessness, especially if the surgeon's wife is a surgeon herself.

    Is any of this getting through to you?
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