dick morris makes excuses for everything but what actually happened

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  1. in a related story. a religious republican i know actually said to me. "it was a miracle that a hurricane hit the east coast and bailed out obama. otherwise he would of lost".
    i said if god sent a miracle that helped obama win doesnt that mean god wanted obama to win? dead silence.

    "But the more proximate cause of my error was that I did not take full account of the impact of hurricane Sandy and of Governor Chris Christie’s bipartisan march through New Jersey arm in arm with President Obama. Not to mention Christe’s fawning promotion of Obama’s presidential leadership.

    It made all the difference." dick morris

  2. The people who were stupid enough to believe him before the election(pspr,yannis etc) are probably stupid enough to believe his nonsense now
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  4. Dick Morris needs to just go away, he is bad for both sides, and bad for the country IMO.

  5. I’ve got egg on my face. I predicted a Romney landslide and, instead, we ended up with an Obama squeaker.

    Obama won FL,OH,PA ,MI,NH,CO,NA VA,etc and by over 120 electoral votes and he calls that a squeaker :confused: .Morris is a fucking idiot
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    This is great news for Dems. Clueless Repugs make for losing Repugs, ad infinitum.

    Keep up the horseshit, Dicky, I'm counting on YOU to lose 2016 for your side as well. :D
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    You don't need "Dicky" to help you win 2016. You now have the welfare/entitlement/parasite/affirmative action class and their bleeding heart liberal cheerleaders in the majority. Barring a shooting revolution by the responsible concerned productive tax payers. You guys now have every national election going forward sewed up.
  9. Yep. So please pack your shit and self deport.
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    A response that all but guarantees you are part of the welfare/entitlement/parasite/affirmative action class.

    Have you given any thought to who is going to pay for all your "free" stuff if all the tax payers "self deport"?
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