Dick Morris is a piece of crap

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  1. Couldn't agree more with you about "this fat fuck", who was insturmental in getting Clinton reelected.

    Last I heard he was working for the Mexican Pres. who was just elected. He can stay in Mexico, lick some toes there.
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    By what definition is Iraq NOT in a civil war? Are the Shia and Sunni's working together in a bid to repel the evil Americans? Hardly.

    Iraq was marred by sectarian violence long before the U.S. was on the scene.
  3. "By what definition is Iraq NOT in a civil war?"

    By Herr Bush's....

    Delusional right wing neocons denied for a long time that Iraq would end up in Civil War.

    The Bush/Rove/Cheney/Rice Kool Aid drinkers...wrong again.


  4. morris had nothing to do with clinton winning. it was perot taking away conservative votes that put clinton in. morris couldnt win a fight with a vegtable.
  5. That fat fuck Morris makes his living off of Fox News appearances, where vegetable brain repubnigans think he is smart simply because he is anti Clinton. The Clintons found out the snake he was, and dumped his azz, and now Morris suffers from obsessed with Clinton disorder....

    He is a hack among hacks....

    Just perfect for Fox News "Political Analysis"

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    Exactly right. I get so tired of hearing about the remarkable Clinton political prowess in 1992's victory. Take Perot out of the mix and it's a 53-47 win for GHB. Unless of course, Hillary was secretly circulating petitions and gathering signatures to get Perot on the ballot....:)
  7. Nonsense.

    Exit polls showed that Perot's voters apparently split their preferences between Clinton and Bush nearly equally, although approximately a third of them likely would not have voted without him on the ballot.

    DIONNE (11/12/92): In House races, Perot voters split down the middle: 51 percent said they backed Republicans, 49 percent backed Democrats. In the presidential contest, 38 percent of Perot supporters said they would have supported Clinton if Perot had not been on the ballot and 37 percent said they would have supported Bush.
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    Few in political science lend credence to those 1992 exit polls. Exit polling has been a notoriously poor barometer of sentiment. I have no theory as to why that's been true. Perhaps too small a sample of data. I've run for elective office 5 times in my life (2-3) and as an elected Committeeman I visit around 50-70 polling places each election day. (Yes it takes HOURS). Yet, I've NEVER seen exit polling being performed.

    All one need do (as I've done) is look at Bush-Dukakis, Kemp-Clinton and Bush/Clinton/Perot on a county by county basis. It's obvious that MANY more Perot voters were former Republican's. One can also use logic to "backdoor" the results. Generally the states that Perot did the worst were the states Bush did the best. NY being the most notable exception. But does ANYONE believe Clinton would have won, Montana without Perot on the ballot? It's those HARDCORE fiscal conservatives who made up Perot's base. Do you belive any more than a third of Perot voters were of the mindset, "well I wanted to vote for that higher taxes, national health care, gays in military fellow but I think I'll go with Perot."
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