Dick Grasso grabs 139 million $$

Discussion in 'Politics' started by peter77, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. peter77


    Just watched the Kudlow & Cramer interview of Dick Grasso and I couldn't belive it. They kissed his ass.

    The guy rapes the exchange and those suck hole dorks make it sound like its ok because he defied terrorists and opened the exchange, so we owe him the dough. Not only that, but if we had been paying this since he was born instead of a lump sum, it would have only been 3 mil a year. No Kidding.

    If you didn't see the interview you won't believe this. They finished off by saying its ok if he grabbed $140M, he is their hero.

    Worst financial interview I've ever seen.
  2. yes, I heard it, Grasso kept says "the 139" but not once did he say "million" or "million dollars"

    K & C were absolutely awful

    they totally totally wimped out
  3. peter77


    Good news, traders are working to get rid of Grasso,

    He seems surprised that his $140 million is creating an 'issue'

    Do we really want someone that personally greedy running the NYSE?
  4. Wong Lee

    Wong Lee

    i have never understood why people named "richard" are called "dick."

    do we call girls named "michelle," "pussy?"

  5. ElCubano


    Hey if that payout went to me....I would retire under fire and keep every single cent................peaceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    but i do agree it is insane...........
  6. with all that money, you'd think he woulda popped for some hormone injections...
  7. cause they're all dicks.
  8. Why does the $$$ bother everyone so much??? A. Rod gets 25 mill per year to play baseball for a last place team....what should he get????? a % of profits form the exchange? talk about a conflict...if they are willing to pay it, why not? at some point in time...it will go the other way....look at the price of exchange seats...they go and down based on demand...same thing will happen with him.
  9. Wong Lee

    Wong Lee

    you're completely missing the point.

    athletes get paid so much because not many people can play like them and they draw crowds and win games.

    what does grasso do that some other guy can't do for much less than that? as questioned earlier, WHY is he REALLY getting paid so much???

  10. nobody else can hit a ball??? Its a kid's game for christ's sake...25 million to play a gamne that he woul dplay anyway...how do you know what grasso does???
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