Dick Cheney's DAUGHTER to become human shield in Baghdad...

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  1. She's a fuckin unpatriotic, Iraqi-loving terrorist bitch... let's hunt her down, smoke her out of her cave, and give her justice...
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    your mind is twisted... welcome to my ignore list.
  3. Its actually evil terrorist-lovers like Elisabeth Cheney whose minds are twisted... but I gotta say, her dad is a very fine man, who I respect deeply...
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    I don't think that her father would respect a man who suggested that we should hang his daughter.
  5. I tell ya, Cheney is a true American patriot... I am sure he would not hesitate to shoot his terrorist daughter himself...
  6. yeah candle you are back on my ignore list too. Of course this is probably your 5th alias.
  7. March 25, 2003

    Al Quds Al Arabi cited news reports it claimed circulating in Amman as saying that Cheney would arrive in the Jordanian capital soon on a special visit it described as having a "social mission." "News agencies cited sources as saying that Cheney will arrive in Amman next Friday. He will try to convince his daughter who is currently staying at a hotel in Amman not to go to Baghdad along with a group of volunteers who want to go to Iraq and form human shields against the Anglo American attacks," said the report.

    A U.S. Embassy spokesman in the Jordanian capital, denied that Cheney was on his way to Jordan: "The embassy has no information that the U.S. vice president will arrive in Jordan to convince one of his daughters not to travel to Iraq to join human shields opposed to war," he said.

    However, some sons of western officials have already volunteered as human shields in Iraq against the American invasion, including the son of the Canadian Foreign Minister, Bill Graham

    Although not mentioned in the the Arabic newspaper, it is likely refers to Mary Cheney, the lesbian daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney. Mary, 34, is a lesbian, and she has not kept her homosexuality a secret -- either to her friends or to her employer, Coors Brewing Co., where she was the gay and lesbian corporate relations manager. Mary Cheney

    The controversy around Mary has emerged in the US media during her father's vice presidential campaign during 2000. During that time, Mary told Time magazine in some of her few public words to date, "I love my father. I don't want to be a distraction."

    However, when Lynne Cheney was asked about her daughter being openly gay, Mrs. Cheney said her daughter is "bright" and "hard-working" and "decent," and yes, she loves her.
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    perhaps you´re wrong and she is going to Baghdad for a patriotic purpose - to act as the first jubilating liberated Iraqi woman wrapped in an American flag (made in China)
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