Dick Bove

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Illum, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. Illum


    Put this in Chit Chat on purpose, I know it doesn't offer much value on the forum. But Bove is an Asshole of the highest order.

    Now he says to buy STT. This clown has been trying to pick the bottom since this began. Offering such wisdom as... LEH was a buy. Who in the hell is this Asshole even talking to? If he has clients, which I seriously doubt, why doesn't he just send them these bullshit calls and stop trying to get retail murdered?

    He is the biggest douche I have ever seen.

    I do not know why he makes me so angry. But he is a grade A piece O Shit.

  2. Illum


    Candles say blood in the streets now. Lookout.

    Elliot wave 5 of first leg down to begin shortly.

    3's and 5's ... 5's and 3's Cant run from it, we are 3's and 5's

    Here it comes...

    Many arguments made that too many calling for Dow 6000, so we must go up.... WRONG. Everyone is long. People are just made uncomfortable when they hear it, so it registers incorrectly in their brain. People have been taken in since Nov lows. Trapped trapped

    Everyone trapped. 3 day candle pattern exposed coming failure then Fri they bid it up, trying to hide the spinnerzzz top. Cant hide, all wrong.. pain to follow.