Diary of an LSE stock trader

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    I am going to post weekly, and possibly daily updates here on my stocks trading activity.

    I trade stocks on the London Stock Exchange (LSE), and have been doing so for a few years. in 2008 I took a sabatical from trading, but in mid 2012 I resumed trading stocks.

    I have also traded index futures, but I found I was giving my profits back and eventually decided to restrict myself to stocks.

    So far, I am showing a modest profit for 2012.

    I will post profits and losses in basis points (BPS).
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    OK, I have been a little slow getting this journal going, so I am going to post stats from the last few weeks.

    Summary Week Ended Friday 16th November 2012

    10 stock trades:

    4 BLT + 44.61 BPS
    1 STAN + 6.31 BPS
    5 XTA + 58.86 BPS

    Stocks net + 109.78 BPS

    Well short of my 500 BPS weekly target, but another positive week nevertheless.
    No index trades. I am concentrating on stock trades.

    Traded five days this week (four and a half as I was out Friday afternoon).

    A weak market, as the worries about the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ continue.
    We are getting near to the traditional Santa rally though.
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    Summary Week Ended Friday 23rd November 2012

    4 stock trades:

    2 BARC + 94.40 BPS
    1 BLT + 7.75 BPS
    1 STAN + 2.78 BPS

    Stocks net + 104.93

    No index trades.

    Traded four days this week. A light volume week since Thursday was Thanksgiving in the US.

    Stay disciplined.

    Stay focussed.
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    Summary Week Ended Friday 30th November 2012

    12 stock trades:

    1 AAL + 9.11 BPS

    7 BLT – 54.81 BPS

    2 STAN + 5.63 BPS

    2 XTA + 45.78 BPS

    Stocks net + 5.71

    No index trades.


    A difficult week, I traded 4 days, poor trading on BLT resulted in giving back earlier gains, so the week ended up flat.

    Better than a loss anyway.

    Stay disciplined.

    Stay focussed.
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    Summary Week Ended Friday 7th December 2012

    5 stock trades:

    2 BLT + 30.56 BPS

    2 STAN + 17.20 BPS

    1 XTA + 7.85 BPS

    Stocks net + 55.60

    No index trades.


    A lacklustre week, I traded 4 days.

    Markets in narrow ranges, and the hoped for pull back on a weak non - farm payrolls report didn’t happen.

    Still, a small profit for the week.

    Stay disciplined.

    Stay focussed.
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    I should explain a couple of things:

    I use BPS to measure trades as it makes comparing trades on stocks with very different prices much simpler, 100 BPS is a 1% move.

    Some of my trading stocks are in the £20 range (BLT, AAL) while a couple are in the £2 range (BARC), so using BPS allows me to compare performance.

    I risk the same £ amount on each trade.

    I maintain a list of stocks which I trade, some of them I've traded hundreds of times, a couple of them more. The list is large cap stocks which are very liquid, and I keep a daily spreadsheet which is printed out after the close and I have in front of me when I trade.

    As I mentioned on one of the weekly updates, my target is 500 BPS per week, that's net.

    I'll post a screenshot of the daily sheet. It's updated at the close, then I have some macros to automate the whole update process, so I just click on a button and it's done.

    I have another 'live' spreadsheet which links to live prices via MT4, so I can see stocks hitting new 3 days highs/low etc etc.

    I trade simple support & resistance.

    KISS as they say.
  7. Can I ask which brokerage you trade through?
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    Hi, yes I used to trade CFDs with CMC, but I'm now spread betting, OK the spreads are wider but then I save on commissions.

    I may change as I increase my trade size. The focus at the moment is getting back into the groove of daily profitable trading.
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    This is a screenshot of my daily spreadesheet as at CoB 11/12/2012
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    Summary Week Ended Friday 14th December 2012

    7 stock trades:

    3 AAL + 13.97 BPS

    2 BG + 29.43 BPS

    2 BLT + 31.46 BPS

    Stocks net + 74.86 BPS

    All long trades, all intraday.

    No index trades.


    A rather quiet week, I traded 4 days. Markets remained in narrow ranges. Tough trading conditions in general.

    Still, a small profit for the week. Well off my 500 BPS weekly target, but we have to take whatever the markets offer.

    Stay disciplined.

    Stay focussed.
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