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  1. it wks; highly recommend.
  2. So you are saying it works for you?

    Or are you suggesting that it necessarily works for everyone?

    Not everyone agrees that it is right for themselves, and some seem to believe strongly that it is not right for others...

  3. yawn... people.. it is old pop psycho babble. even ZZZzzz can figure out this scam. hubbard was a con-artist and hung out with satanist. idoits are still gobbling up this crap, it is not a religion.

    xenu xenu... bean me up.
  4. hellrider's God... no wonder you're insane.
  5. I have to say that its the dumbest book that I have ever read. Sorry.:(
  6. man


    IMHO all these things are early stage meditation tools. that is why
    they "work". yet they lack background and are often mis-used or
    even ab-used.
  7. get real
  8. Started reading one of his books once, left it on a train.

    Isnt that skipper from Gilligans island?
  9. man


    get smart.
  10. Now don't go stepping on Tom Cruise and John Travolta's religion...:eek:

    They are masters of Matter, Energy, Space and Time.

    They will kill you.
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