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  1. how much does a 2 carrot diamond cost on the black market?
  2. 9999


    About 2 bags of onions and half of celery, I'd say.
  3. i'm just wondering if you can get a nice size fattie for like 6k
  4. Yeah but it will definitely have flaws and probably a yellowish tint.

    By the way, this thread has zero to do with trading yet you still started it in the trading forum!

  5. who are you the forum police?
  6. Don't get pissy, what I said is entirely true. This has nothing to do with trading. Am I wrong; are you going to somehow tie in your diamond topic to actual trading?

  7. New, artificial stones have fooled professional gemologists. And the artificials get better every year. Be careful. This must have an impact on the long-term pricing of diamonds.