Diamond Top - Dow 30

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jreynolds212, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. Take a look fellows. The end of the trend is here, its now. Im going "all in" the DXD. The stocktrad7r alias is gone and Im born in his wake.

    2007 marks the top of the Diamonds and now its time to watch the fall along with Gold. Gold, the diamonds, no more. I have never seen a better time to go short since 2000. The time is now, the time has come. Do not sit on the sidelines. Lets go "all in".
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  2. By the way, look at DXD. Does this tell you something?
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  3. aren't you already "all in" on CSUN long?

  4. it tells me it is an ultrashort etf based on the dia. :p

    are you amazed how they look like the inverse of each other? does that tell you anything?
  5. Allen3


    Um Maybe. I was under the impression chart patterns can fail. Sometimes they are also in the Eye of the beholder. I see a symmetrical triangle forming. Now what does that mean in a long term uptrend? Trade your plan and keep your stop in. :D
  6. i call it a head and shoulder but bearish pattern nonetheless.