Diamond Pattern + Triple Top = SPY to go down?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Kubinec, Sep 20, 2010.

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    The diamond pattern can be seen on the hourly and 30 minute charts.

    Check it @

    The price tested the top three times, with a lower high each time.

    Whaddaya say?
  2. I say you will be order stuffed to OBLIVION!!!!!!!!!!:p
  3. Show the charts [​IMG]
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  5. He's been order stuffed to OBLIVION!!!:D. My advice buddy is forget conventional trading, ie charts, fundamental analysis etc and concentrate on how HFTs manipulate 24/7 and work around that.

    Best of Luck.


    PS HFT nerds I only put one bid order.... to buy at 1122.25. How many millions of orders did you lot place to help me get out at 1129???? Thanks nerds :cool:
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    Dude get the fuck off my thread. I trade forex and options. If you have a way to get around HFT manipulation then post it, otherwise shut the fuck up.
  7. I do have a way to get around HFT's manipulating the market up .... I GO LONG :)
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    No shit? The markets have an upward bias since March 2009.

    So you go long and the market goes down? lol
  9. Market will always go up over time. Fact. Use it to your advantage
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    Tsing Tao

    and another call bites the dust
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