Diamond Jubilee

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    Despite UK being techinically bankcrurpt- The Queen is having 1000 ships to sail up the River Thames, when her son harps on about " the enviroment" but he drives a Bentley- explain that one....
  2. The Queen and Prince Philip make there tour of her Diamond Jubilee to Liecester.

    Getting off the train, Philip says to Liz "Fuck me, have stopped in India again?"
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  4. [​IMG]

    This I expected on the Keilbasa river in Poland not in the UK

    Sorry guys, but rowboats? I expected more.

    brb gotta check teh definition of "flotilla".
  5. Flotilla

    A fleet of rowboats piloted by drunk, tattooed, shirtless, sunburned and partying douchebags (or douche bags) that floats slowly downriver with the current.

    Often contains pontoons constructed of 2 or more canoes (going to have to check the picture a bit more closely) and a platform placed atop the canoes on which the douches can drink, dance, grill, fire squirt guns, simulate sexual acts, play with dogs and/or heckle the Queen who is trying to enjoy a natural body of water.
  6. When I flicked the telly over onto BBC 1, I thought it was a history programme as the last time the Thames had that much shit floating down it was in the 1700's.


    "Who said that?"
  7. The final song of the Queens Jubilee is:

    (drum roll....)

    "God save the Queens husband!"
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