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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by regough, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. regough


    I am looking for an ISP with dial-up anywhere access. Of course, an 800 number(I realize this increases the cost) would be nice but not essential.

    I will be on the road for awhile and would like to be able to check Email without having to go to an Internet cafe hookup all the time. Actual connection time will be fairly minimal.

    Anybody have any favorites or advice in this situation.

  2. just21


    ATTglobalnet, I used it in Sweden last year, very fast connection. They have 0800 numbers everywhere but charge you a supplement for using them. Definetly cheaper than hotel local calls though. I was in estonia last week and they had wifi in 76 location in Tallin. You could sit in the main square or some really cool bars and read your email. Some places it was free and fast.
  3. gnome


    Check with your destination hotels. They may have free local access.
  4. aol works good for this. numbers for everywhere.
  5. I use BudgetSurf as my backup ISP ... costs me $10 a month. Lots of local numbers through the US. It has worked well enough for me on my travels.
  6. NetZero
  7. jasrlew


    I travel quite frequently, 1-2 weeks/month in the western states, and most larger cities now offer wireless internet access through the hotel. If you have a laptop and a wireless card you should be able to jump on their bandwidth or you can rent a wireless card from the motel for about $5-10 a day. From my experience, Best Western is beginning to offer them at most of their hotels where wireless is available. You may do have to do some research and calling around to see who offers this. Hope it helps.
  8. Woody


    Here is another option: http://www.slingshot.com
  9. Most of the larger ISPs like Earthlink have local dialup access numbers pretty much everywhere. Check the earthlink.net website and look at their access number directory to see if they've got coverage where you'll be.

    I've used Earthlink for access while traveling for years and have always been able to get a local number where ever I've been.

    Also check the hotels you'll be at - I'm finding more and more with high speed internet connections in the rooms these days. No separate ISP needed to use them and they're a heck of a lot faster than dialup.

    If you're thinking of using 800# access - remember that you'll pay per minute for it as part of your ISP bill.
  10. regough


    Thanks everyone for some very good ideas- I will check them out and see which one fits best!
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