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    Hi all :)

    I am wondering if this strategy sounds decent more in a general context vs the specific example.

    a few weeks ago I bought some far out (JAN11) ITM(5$ )DRYS calls @ about ~1.40. At the time I felt medium term bullish. With the whole Gulf incident I think it is going to put a damper on medium term spike and I feel it is going to trade pretty sideways with the overall market. I am still long term bullish, but in the meantime I am thinking of selling SEPT 7$ calls against my JAN11 ones. These now are going for ~.32, but I am hoping to sell them next week closer to .40.

    My thought process is premiums are nice now collect some as I wait and if it does spike by SEPT over 7 I still make ~1$. Otherwise I keep the .40.



  2. Well, yes and no. When DRYS spikes will determine the profit.

    Loose estimation: If it spikes to 7 soon, the Sep call will have significant time premium remaining and that will cut the gain to maybe 60-70 cts, give or take. If 7 at Sep expiration, gain might be a bit larger than $1 - eg. delta of '11 call x [seven strike minus current price] which assumes time decays offset.
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    If I were in your shoes and you are still long term bullish, I would prefer to sell a Put credit spread. Take in premium rather than lay it out. The worst result could be owning the shares at a much lower cost than today's or january '11, while doing so at someone else's expense.

    You choose your risk level by the strikes in the spread.
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    Thanks guys,

    spin do you think that overall it is a decent move, giving a short to medium term netural bias?

    white, I like the idea of the selling the put spread, but I already own shares also and don't want to grab more. Also it will tie up more cash.


  5. If you're comfortable with the P&L of the position then it's a decent move.

    If DRYS moves up to 7 in a coupla months, consider rolling your diagonal up and out, booking profits and reducing the risk of a down move (or selling off some profitable shares).
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    yes, ultimately I want to move my Jan11 calls out to Jan12