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Discussion in 'Options' started by Windsor, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. Windsor


    does anyone know any service/guru who makes regular calls in the DIA/DJX options? About once a month there is a huge flurry of small lot customer activity in one strike and then a week or so later the same customers get out. Obviously someone is making a call to a large group but I cant figure out who it is - anyone have any ideas? This occurred last Wens 6/8 on the 105 calls.
  2. Windsor;
    Must be pretty good calls to make a play on words;
    has some pretty good commentary, maybe him.

    Dont suscribe,to them ,except free comments;
    may also be a trading company scaling in.

    Also am asuming since its a popular ATM or ITM its more than traders having read same option books;
    and that may not be a correct assumption.:cool:

    Hope, this helps.
  3. Windsor


    Good recommendation to chk them out but I contacted them and they confirmed that it isnt them. It is definitely not a firm doing them - they are coming in as many separate customer orders on the retail side.... thks....

    Anyone else have any ideas? They are typically buying just OTM calls or puts
  4. Windsor


    It happened again today in the DIA August 106 calls - almost 5000 traded in 5 and 10 lots - someone must know who is making these calls?
  5. FYI, DIA has a gap at 107+ on its daily chart...maybe someone's betting on a gap fill...