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  1. if you dont know whihc stocks to buy and you wnat to make money buy these

    and maybe

    DFE and DEW

    These always go up and are very low risk compared to individual stocks
  2. You're not pumping google anymore stock_turder? Should I sell all the shares you talked me into buying? :p
  3. Your using a shill account. Whats your real username?
  4. Do you mean "you're" makloda_mini_me? That's cute stock_turder...is Google the worst stock ever?

    Oh yeah, and where's your website demanding that Page and Brin listen to you? :p
  5. S2007S


    google is just worn out now, the thing that isnt good is you would think it would join in on the rally and be trading well above 500. If this rally gives way and we enter a small correction GOOGLE could easily trade below $400 without a problem, watch the $460 area.
  6. I don't pull the trigger until stock_turder says so bro, it's clear to me that he's not some mental retard, he's a genius! :p