DHL Ends All US Delivery - 9500 Jobs To Go

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    DHL cuts 9,500 U.S. jobs

    Delivery firm to end U.S.-only operations, will continue shipments to other countries.

    NEW YORK ( -- Global delivery company DHL announced Monday that it was cutting 9,500 jobs as it discontinues air and ground operations within the United States.

    In a press release, DHL said its DHL Express will continue to operate between the United States and other nations.

    DHL's 9,500 job cuts are on top of 5,400 job cuts announced earlier this year.

    The company also said it was shutting down all ground hubs and reducing its number of stations to 103 from 412.

    DHL said it was making the cuts to improve profitability and "to prepare the company for the economic challenges ahead."

    DHL Express is owned by the German company Deutsche Post World Net.

    The U.S. job market has been bleeding jobs all year. The Labor Department said nearly 1.2 million jobs were lost in the first 10 months of this year,, with 240,000 jobs lost in October alone.
  2. I guess I should buy some UPS and FDX...:D
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    Probably so. This is sad to hear though. 9500 jobs...

    By the time oDUMBa gets through with the US, there 'may' be one delivery service still available inside the Country: The US Mail. And we all know how "well" they're run.:mad:
  4. i wouldn't buy the others, i'll be surprised if they don't follow suit. this isn't a case where 4 people serve 100 and when there are only 3 left they all serve more. it is a 4 serve 100, now 100 is swiftly on it's way down to 25 so only 1 is still needed.
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    They run better than UPS or FedEx by a longshot, so I don't know what you are crying about.
  6. Well this is one way to reduce our carbon footprint and save energy. Hope the green people are happy.
  7. lol, yeah if all of our industries go out of business we can go back to being hunter gatherers!
  8. Who runs better than FedEx and UPS? The US postal service? You've got to be kidding! I could write story after story of the stupid things they've done with my mail and packages whereas I haven't had a problem with FedEx or UPS ever. Please don't spew about how much bigger USPS is so there are going to be problems. They also have a few zillion more employees, and a larger percent of them are whack jobs. Yea, I was in a job with an airline and worked closely with these people for awhile, and they are truly in their own world! I'm not saying all as I did work with some great people with the USPS, but even they admitted a lot of whack jobs got hired and never get fired for the great USPS.
  9. This is not about package delivery. Delivery service is the oil business. Those trucks you see rolling around are little oil rigs. They probably messed up a hedge.:D
  10. The US Postal Service is a private corporation.
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