Dgx Moc

Discussion in 'Trading' started by eastside, Dec 12, 2002.

  1. Anyone besides me get caught on the S&P 500 add play on DGX yesterday at the close?
    He had almost 1 mill to buy at 3:50, but that buy must have vanished and turned to a sell by 4:00. :confused:
    Bought it at $59.61, and he closed the stock at like 4:10 on about 4 mill shares at 59. So, got f^cked for .61 :mad:
    So much for the MOC strategy...
  2. lescor


    Read the previous posts from earlier this year on it. This seems to be the norm now. Not counting that unreal s&p rebalancing this summer where gs, ups, rd, etc all moved several dollars.