DGCX exchange has record volume - up 147% y/y

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    So much for eurex vols dropping some exchanges are booming, 35k lots a day product is not bad at all.

    <B>DGCX February Volumes Rise 147%; Exchange Records Highest
    Ever Daily Volume during the Month</b>
    - Overall monthly volumes on the Exchange total 519,222 contracts, valued at $21.92
    - DGCX registers highest ever overall daily volume of 39,034 contracts on 29 February
    - Indian Rupee futures set monthly and daily volume records

    Dubai, March 12, 2012:
    Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX) built on its excellent
    start to the year with a 147% year&#8208;on&#8208;year rise in monthly volumes in February. Total monthly
    volumes on the Exchange in February touched 519,222 contracts, valued at $21.92 billion.__
    Brisk trading during the month saw DGCX setting four all&#8208;time daily volume records on 29
    February. Total overall daily volumes of 39,034 contracts registered by DGCX on the day
    surpassed the previous highest of 35,996 contracts set in September 2011. DGCX also recorded
    its highest&#8208;ever number of daily trades of 23,950 contracts on 29 February.
    DGCX Indian Rupee futures set both monthly and daily volume records in February. Monthly
    volumes of the contract rose 218% from last year to total 473,793 contracts, beating the
    previous month’s record of 431,902 contracts. The contract also set a daily volume record of
    35,727 on 29 February, exceeding the previous highest of 34,046 contracts established in
    September last year. The Indian Rupee futures contract also registered its highest ever daily
    value of $ 1.44 billion on the same day.__www.dgcx.ae

    And now CME has upped its stake to 50% of the Dubai mercantile exchange (DME) things could get interesting here

    Dubai is already the best performing stock market this year up 30%

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    Well I admit it is not huge volume but considering btp did 5k yesterday and fsmi did 69k it might be one to watch at the rate it's growing. When I moved here in 2008 you could count the contracts traded at dgcx on your fingers and toes on some days. It was across the corridor from my office.

    I was informed a decent London clearer is now putting in multiple isv connectivity to it in the next few weeks, seeing as I work spitting distance from it, it would be rude not to have a look. Some of the lesser ags products on cme I've scalped don't do much better volume.

    The reason its taken off is because DGCX offers the only rupee future contract outside India and because foreigners can't trade Indian markets it is the only venue for non resident Indians and internationals to hedge their currency risk doing business with India.
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    OK thanks-I would imagine it would be difficult to scalp that market on more than a 10 lot??Are you trading it " Point and click" or via an ALGO you have programmed?

    Is this the main market that you trade?Or are you an ex EUREX scalper looking for new Exchanges/contracts to intraday trade?

    Kind regards.