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  1. I will be posting analysis of stocks with charts once or twice a week with long and short triggers.

    I work almost exclusively with patterns and price and volume, moving averages and fibonacci sometimes.

    I hope this to be a positive contribution.

    Posts will be at night.
  2. Relax boys, it could be days before something is posted.

    How could Hershey know he will critique if he does not know what will be here (unless he has a personal motive)?
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    Since he promises it will be cogent, then he will likely go to great lengths to demonstrate that you're doing it all wrong because you're not doing it his way.

    Looking forward to it, nonetheless . . .
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    I ask that posts be constructive on this thread, that all the boys 'n girls stay respectful and friendly. Otherwise I will need to edit and remove things, which only causes complaining, and I just hate to see grown people whine and cry. So PLEASE stay on topic and leave the vindictiveness and rancor somewhere else. Thanks.

  5. Good luck moderating this one Magna! :D
  6. Glad to see you're doing this, Dg.
  7. I have a strong person al motive.

    I am going to contribute to your well being at every opportunity.

    I have had a hobby for over 30 years of monitoring methods and determining how they can be improved iteratively from where they are at any given time.

    I found no substantive information here so I said,, at that point, I could not make any comments.

    There are a lot of people in ET who have experience. I have 47 years of it.

    There are a lot of people here who have skills. This journal is where several people are volunteering to share those skills. Everything you do right is going to be reinforced and deepened with positive collateral comments from people who view the market from a variety of viepoints.

    Fortunately what you do not brigng up here can be addressed too. There are many voids and stufff in people's trading. addressing what you are not taliking about in your approach is going to be a very fruitful place for people to learn. If you are not covering all the necessary bases you will be finding that out soon enough.

    If you fail to put up an adequate PnL or if your do not put all the facts forward we will fill in the missing stuff and get a Pnl rolling.

    This is not going to be a slight of hand thing like mr market. who recently started over after getting thrown out of Yahoo and whose Pnl substitute was filled up with untraded equities.

    We are going to set a standard of excellence for this journal and the trading here is going to improve through examples, substantive content and guidance.

    The vocal minority will play their games here too and fill the place with their usual posts. This time out their efforts will be in great cntrast to those who are participating with you to make money.
  8. I'll do it how I want to, and that's that.
  9. Quite the contrary; your viewpoint is not very sharp at all. People do better through encouragement and support.

    That is what the word critique means. I do not approach critguing from any other viepoint than being creative and procative.

    almost no one uses the approach I do. What the vast majority of people do is use an approach that they define and refine. Anyone who is progressive continually improves what they do.

    It is a process of iterative refinement. That, for example is why you read each and every post I make. You are looking, as everyones does when they read anything at all from whomever posted it. People who are oopen to growth and improvement read and fit into what they do , good ideas from others.

    At first everything they do is provisional. then at some point their use their beliefs to consider how to internalize what is there in their space. Ultimately people accept what is better and beneficial.

    the reason I am so disliked here is because to some extent I am a messenger. There are few people who want to see or hear things that interfer with their safety. People survive in the safe places they build. There is a a tendency for anyone to be alert when their safety and safe place is potentially affected. The "flee or fight" syndrome is present always under these conditions.

    People like you choose to fight. Others choose to ignore me and click me off. A small group of people choose to think about things.

    You act to always fight.

    I have responded to 293 pages of posts over 6 months in TA. I was not fighting nor did I flee. I got beat up for 6 months. I am very very safe where I am. I am able at all times to contribute and support others. Now my mandate from Scientist is to be excellent in my efforts.

    I do not expect anyone to do my methods. There is no need ever for me to tell someone what to do. I put forward my viewpoint and people do their thing.

    Your viewpoint of what you think is going to happen is poor, wrong and not a contribution here. Too bad for you. you are part of the vocal minority who lurker and post. Who cares: what you do is not excellent as yet.

    This is a very safe and familiar place for me. I am empowered by long term efforts and my skills. In ET many others are going to be here. Not people I know but for sure people whose posts I read and learn from.
  10. This will be a first. thank you, we need to have one focussed and high quality thread running here.

    Back up your words with continung action.
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