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  1. Is there any good books or websites on developing a trading system. I am thinking of using wealth-lab platform, they seem to have some good info, ideas, and communication about systems. Is there any other info out there.

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    Look at following books for strategy building - got
    them - they are good:

    The Ultimate Trading Guide- Hill,Pruitt,Hill
    The Encyclopaedia of Trading Strategies - Katz,McCormick

    Other books to look at to aid your strategy building:
    Encyclopaedia of chart patterns - Bulkowski
    The Encyclopaedia of Technical market indicators - Colby, Meyers

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    From a closed thread I started that people think I work for. (This is the second company I work for BTW)

    "I found another website where systems are going to be given for free. Makes me think I'm getting ripped at PTSignals for their system!! ( I'm only up about $2,200 in 2 1/2 months) This new website sent me a HUGE report with sytem rules on trading the SP Gaps fro free just for checking out their site. They are going to give dissect different trading systems every month....... well worth the time to take a look for those of you looking for systems like I am.

    E-Mail the guy at his name is David Russeu...anyone heard of him? He will send you a very detailed ssytem report for free.

    The website is not up...but you can take a look. The URL is"