Developing IntraDay Strategies Using ATR for Risk

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  1. Ditto that!
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  2. If you're trading the opening range, you need to consider the opening range only and not the range during other times of the day. As an example.

    I think you need more than simply an ATR of course, but it is of course an improvement beyond not using such measures in the first place. :)
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  3. Hello Laissez Faire and thanks for response.

    Good comment and now I understand. Considering I only intraday trade from market open 8:00am to 3:15pm, this would make sense with to use ATR with small period to range of recent price action.
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  4. I did some backtesting several months ago pitting an ATR-based stop and profit target vs a fixed money stop and profit target. I tested GC, CL, ES, LE and several others.

    My results showed that there wasn't much difference between them (the fixed money stop/target was actually slightly better).

    I threw out the spreadsheets so I don't have the data anymore to back that up, so believe it or not. The data I used was minute data from 2009 to 2015.
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  5. Auto trading is gambling so the variables are just.
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  6. Hello shatteredx

    Thank you for sharing your analysis.

    I am interested in how you designed an ATR profit target. Did you use something like 3xATR as your profit target or some other method? I would like to do an anlysis as well.

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  7. Thank you Van_der_Voort_4. I appreciate your response.

    You wrote a good response that is simple to understand.

    I also programmed and back tested breakeven exit methods and, it does reduce drawdown. I can use this strategy to post results if you or anyone like to see.

    I also programmed and back tested trailing stop exit methods and, I can use this strategy to post results if you or anyone like to see. The static trailing stop was based on my own (pulled a number from the sky:)) risk vs reward and its not dynamic. I know better now. lol

    You are right about this part for sure. It is alot of learning but better to know, then not know.

    Thanks for your post.
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  8. Yes that's pretty much what I did. I think used a 5 day ATR lookback and then optimized multiples from 0.01 to ??.00x using my in-sample data to see what a best case scenario for both profit targets would be (fixed money vs ATR multiple).

    I probably should've used a 30 or 60 day ATR but I don't think it would've changed much.

    This was part of a swing trading system (trades lasted 3 days on average) so I guess a day trading system like yours would be different.
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