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  1. I have developed a software program (compatible with Tradestation) that gives buy and sell signals and trades futures, stocks, options, forex, e.t.c in any time frame with a good success rate and wanted to know if anybody has any recommendations as to how to take it to the next step and market or sell the product? Is it best to try to go it alone or partner with someone who has some experience and financial backing who can help with (advertising, marketing expenses, e.t.c.)? I don't have that much money to trade with (trust me, I wish I did) but it took me many years to develop it and I don't know if I should try to market it myself or partner with someone or a firm to help. I know it's a big business with a lot of financial potential. I do trade the method currently and make good money but wanted to take it to the next level. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. thanks for all the positive input so far.
  4. You're in luck! If you post a message asking for help and don't receive at least 4 replies within 4 hours, you are automatically entitled to Compensation Dollars from the ET administrator. Just send a PM to "CD admin" with subject line "I am a victim" and put a hyperlink to your thread in the body of the PM.
  5. see, here's the thing. If your fine work is worth selling, you should borrow some money and trade your way to profit. Then when you are wealthy , you can offer it to the less fortunate as a system.

    If it's not worth trading, its not worth selling.

    Actually , theres enough garbage out there for the next 10 generations to come, so please , don't litter.
  6. Amen!

    Actually I have a system for sale as well. It uses a lot of "advanced" algorithms: Neural Networks, Pattern recognition... It was working great before and that is why I didn't try to sell it.
    But now it broke down and started losing money, therefore I am ready to sell it. Any takers??? I will give you a good deal :)