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    I am looking for some information about re-displaying real time stock market information on a public website. I have been trading for years via retail and automated trading and I am helping a buddy build a website around a trading idea. It involves paper trading, but it absolutely must have real-time data. I have done considerable research and I definitely realize that this is a pricey option, but I want your feedback on some possible options besides Xignite and going straight to the exchanges. Are there any other third party options that are not more than $2000 a month for unlimited last price and bid/ask data? Thanks for your time.
  2. I assume you are comfortable with Web Service?

    Thompson/Reuters offers packages that are a little more basic than Xignite (fewer names & exchanges) but in the end your price per ticker is going to be roughly the same when you factor in Thompson's extra licensing fees for public distribution.

    The easy answer is bloomberg because you can pull into excel, VBA and Java easily - but they get you by the ball$ with licensing fees.

    To be honest Xignite is probably your best bet. I'm not sure who you work with over there but if you need an introduction send me a PM (or AIM me at winstontj) and I can give you some names. The guys at Xignite are really good.